This man’s Apple crazy… now if only he could be more organised…

Are you into social networking?

Very much so. I am a massive fan of LinkedIn, followed closely by twitter. Slowly getting to grips with Facebook - including setting up the company Facebook page

Favourite digital gadget?

Has to be my iPad. I take it everywhere with me. If I am not checking emails or tweeting, I use it to watch movies or TV programmes. Currently watching “House” at the moment.

Blackberry or iphone?

My iphone is always by my side, I never leave home without it.

Favourite app?

Has to be “2do” by Guided Ways. Being such a busy person, I totally rely on a task manager/organiser - which is also synced to Outlook. Any actions from meetings, requests by colleagues or simple reminders are all stored, with due times, alerts etc.

What is your favourite/worst website?

Has to be my company’s website I designed it and have had numerous compliments about it. Its easy to navigate and you know exactly what we do within one second. My worst web site has to be any website that does not tell you what they do on the home page, people do not want to drill down looking to find information, time is too precious.

What did you last buy online?

Would you believe a pair of Irish step dancing shoes for my eldest daughter?

What’s top on your ipod?

My favourite track on my iPod currently is “Don’t stop the music” by Maria Zouroudis - it’s also my ringtone on my iPhone!

What’s your TV choice?

House or The West Wing

What is your worst digital habit?

Being an Apple Addict, I am always keen to find out what Apple is bringing out next, whether it is new software, apps or hardware.

Derry Long is business development manager at Scott White and Hookins