A forward thinker, it’s not just apps and tweeting that gets Erland’s digital buzz going

 What is your favourite website?

 www.ted.com has to be up towards the top of my list of favourites where great people share their ideas and thinking.  My favourite currently though is www.khanacademy.org. Originally helping out his family in India with 10 minute school revision tutorials, Salman Khan has developed over 2,600 video tutorials covering a complete range of subject areas. A fantastic use of social media (web 2.0) to create a great education tool accessible to all.

 iPhone / Blackberry/Android - where do you sit?

 I have a company BB and a personal iPhone.  I far prefer the iPhone for a whole number of reasons, especially after the last outage.  iOS5 has just been released with some great additional functionality - I believe Apple have the edge.  It will be interesting to see how Windows 8.0 on the android competes.

 If you Tweet suggest three #FF’s and a list you follow

 #davislangdonllp goes without saying, my partner in the digital world #markschuey and last but not least one of the Dragons - #TheoPaphitis for sheer entertainment value.  #TBroughton is good for exchanging ideas - the most recent being the use of “anthem” music for arriving and departing trains.

 If you have a smartphone, name your coolest APP?

 Where do I start.  My last purchase was mSecure, to hold all my account details, logins and passwords.  Best app though is Aurasma which provides the ability to enter the Augmented Reality world.  Great for a business like Davis Langdon, where we can attach data to physical locations and people and use recognition of that location or data to provide an equivalent “heads-up” display of digital data.

 Taking the tablets.  Have you got one?  Do you plan to buy one?

 I don’t as yet but I did send Steve Jobs an e-mail about 18 months ago suggesting a partnership with Fisher Price for a robust children’s version - a modern day Etch-a-Sketch type tablet.  Then I met Ken Shuttleworth for lunch and he was sketching some ideas and sending them to MAKE’s Hong Kong office - great piece of technology.  I’m going to jump in when the iPad 3 comes out. My Macbook Air really is the business - the same size as the iPad but with the additional functionality of a full mac.

 Books or eBooks? Do you still get print on your hands?

 Living and working in the Middle East, I use e-content more than print though it is nice to have a book for the plane.  I’m a digital media addict with the likes of Building through to the Sunday papers sitting on my newsstand.

 Guilty pleasures: What do you listen to on iTunes/Spotify?

 I’ve got a whole range of music in my library so everything from Pink Floyd to Andrea Bocelli. I’m going through a café jazz phase currently. The likes of Diana Krall, Madeleine Peyroux and Adele are appearing in my top 25 list currently.

 Erland Rendall is Head of Thought Leadership at Davis Langdon, an AECOM company