This partner likes the classics: Nina Simone, Jags and the telephone

What is your favourite website, a site which shows off renovated old E-type Jaguars

What is your worst digital habit?
Spending too much time on email - it’s a really bad habit. You can’t think of anything else to do so you simply check out what’s going on with your email.

iPhone/Blackberry/Android. Which side are you on?

Are you into social networking?
Linkedin and Facebook yes, Twitter no

What is your favourite app?
Currency - a currency exchange app I use because I’m doing stuff in France and am tracking the Euro

What is your preferred means of communication?
Face to face is best and after that, the telephone, which would be seen as jolly clever had it been invented after email

What did you last buy online?
A battery charger for my compact camera

PC or Mac?
Both - PC at work and Mac at home

Guilty pleasures: Most played tunes from iTunes/Spotify?

Nina Simone’s I Put a Spell on You but Astral Weeks by Van Morrison is definitely my all time favourite tune

Jack Pringle is a partner in Pringle Brandon