What’s your favourite website and why?

www.coolhunter.com - keeps me one step ahead of my kids.

Do you have an iPod?

Got one, but increasingly asking myself why.

It’s dawning on me that I can incorporate my music, email and phone in one piece of kit.

But I shall probably wait for a new, improved iPad. (Dear Apple, Please send cheque for endorsement to the following … )

What are you watching at the moment?

Sherlock. I wanted to hate it as I love the books and their adaptations and couldn’t see how it could be transferred to the present. But they have and it’s great.

Are you addicted to your iPhone or BlackBerry?

I couldn’t live without my BlackBerry! (Dear BlackBerry please send, etc.) Working closely with various clients, I have to be available and if I left everything until the evening I’d never go to bed.

John Cowell, director, Cowell Consulting