Regeneration expert Jon Sawyer’s intrepid digital life includes championship tennis, running, karting and frequent trips to the Amazon (

What have you recently bought online?

I recently bought a GPS running aide from eBay. It measures the distance you have run and the pace. I’ve yet to decide if I got a bargain or got fleeced.

What was the last book you bought online?

When I left my last job they gave me an Amazon voucher. I used it to buy a series of Lonely Planet guides. I have just got back from a sabbatical travelling overland from Hong Kong to Derby.

What shall we play?

I have a Wii and am currently mastering all manner of Olympic sports and Mario Karts. Even my nan (aged 83) has had a go at the tenpin bowling and my friends have almost destroyed my lounge getting carried away with the tennis. My PlayStation is now gathering dust.

What’s your favourite online entertainment?

YouTube is a great source of amusement, although a word of warning to anyone receiving YouTube links by email: do not open them with the volume up in the office. A former colleague was sent the director’s uncut version of the first scenes of the film Notting Hill, with a message to make sure the volume was turned up when he watched it. Anyone who has seen the film will understand why he couldn’t turn it off quickly enough!

What’s your favourite way to meet people – social networking or face to face?

I generally prefer to socialise outside the cyberworld. However, I am a Facebook user. It’s a pretty good tool for sharing news and photos with your friends, although I don’t get involved in all the other applications.

What’s your normal means of communication – email, Twitter, blog or scented letter?

If I thought enough people were interested in what I had to say I guess a blog would be good. The problem is I can’t imagine anybody being that interested. Which leaves me with the trusty email and, of course, actually speaking to people.

What’s in your digital holster?

I only have a mobile phone and no sign of a holster. I dread the day when pragmatism takes priority over not looking stupid, and I get a holster like my dad’s.