What is your favourite website?

At the moment its the Ski Club of Great Britain website: www.skiclub.co.uk, because I'm going skiing next week in France so I'm keeping my eye on the snow reports.

Are you into social networking?
Not so much any more – I’ve grown out of that. I do occasionally use Facebook. It’s useful for sharing holiday snaps. Linkedin is useful to use at work.

What are you listening to?
All the usual mainstream stuff, Kings of Leon, the Eagles, Oasis and I am having a bit of a Beatles revival at the moment. Recently my girlfriend took me to a concert to see a Spanish brother and sister duo act called Rodrigo & Gabriella. They were really good – they swore a lot!

What are you watching?
I like CSI, Spooks, the BBC’s Life and Top Gear. I'm also looking forward to the new series of 24 next month.