What is your favourite website?

I have recently been introduced to archdaily.com, a very cool website.

What was the last thing you bought online?


I recently renovated my London flat and no flat should be without a good sound system so I had to get the new Bose sound dock for my iPod. Incredible sound and a gorgeous piece of design.

What is on your iPod at the moment?

I’m a bit of an Indie fan, into the Kings of Leon (pictured), Smashing Pumpkins, Stereophonics. I’m also into creating playlists for either my cycle to work or the gym. Linkin Park and Velvet Revolver help me negotiate the London peak hour traffic and for that lazy Sunday afternoon chilling I’ve got some Jack Johnson.

Are you addicted to your BlackBerry?

I don’t think so, although people who know me might not necessarily agree.

What’s your worst digital habit?

Coming from Australia I find it difficult to sit still. I’m a channel surfer if anything.