Motorbikes, flashing Blackberries and stray remote controls

What is your preferred means of communication?

Naturally I prefer face-to-face communications, but if this isn’t possible I’ll pick up the phone and speak to someone rather than text or email.

Favourite digital gadget?

My iPod touch - I love the convenience of having your music in one place and it’s so much quicker to get online when you hear a track you just have to have.

Blackberry, Android or iPhone?

Blackberry because it’s great for work. Before having a Blackberry I was an out and out Nokia man, but I saw the light and wouldn’t go back.

Do you take it on holiday?

Yes I do, yes it’s on and yes I get told off by my wife! I’m addicted to it - I can’t leave it with the red light flashing.

What is your favourite website? - I’m mad on Aprilia motorbikes.

What is your worst?

Anything with pop-ups - they’re so annoying.

What did you last buy online?

Snow socks for the car for our trip to France over Christmas. They are like snow chains and were brilliant for the first few days on normal terrain, but our house was up a steep hill and they shredded themselves on that!

What’s your most played iTune?

Depeche Mode - Sometimes. Over Christmas I added some of my old CDs to my itouch and it was great to be reminded what a classic track this is.

What is your worst digital habit?

I am very particular about all the various remote controls living in the right place. If I hear someone knock one on the floor I have to make sure they go back to their correct position.

What’s your TV choice?

I like watching music on TV, so channels like MTV Dance are great. I also like Top Gear.

What shall we play?

I like Grand Turismo and Formula One on Playstation and bought my son one of those driving gaming seats, but spend more time on it than he does! But I prefer board games like Monopoly for the personal interaction. I’m very competitive and always try to buy up everything.

Keith Taylor is managing director of Homes and aonstruction at Osborne