Are you into social networking?

I like to watch. What makes people put some of those comments up there and what will they think in 10 years’ time?

What’s your most-played iTune?
Pink Floyd’s Shine on You Crazy Diamond. I have always been a Pink Floyd fanatic, but I like almost anything from the eighties through to Bach.

What is your preferred means of communication?
Talking face to face. Digital communication has shrunk the world and given us access to resources and people we would never dreamt of meeting just a few years ago, but the rate of email, IM and social networking traffic has led to poorer thinking and decisions. Try putting your reply in the drafts folder and coming back in the morning …

What are you watching?
Ashes to Ashes on my iPad. You can probably guess my age from my TV and music choices - it’s great to see the cars, music and how much has changed during my career.

Mark Bew is business systems director at URS/Scott Wilson