Stalking his kids on Facebook and beating his wife at Bejewelled

What is your preferred means of communication?

Email. I absolutely hate Facebook and Twitter with a passion..

Are you into social networking?

Not really, I’m only really on Facebook to check up on my children.. They accepted me as a friend but they’re regretting it now!

Favourite digital gadget?

My iPod Touch, I only really use it for music… I would quite like an iPad. I’ve only just got my Sat Nav and Blackberry back as I left them in a hire car in Naples Airport and they had to be posted back to me…

Blackberry or iphone?


Favourite app?

Playing Bejewelled on my wife’s iPhone, trying in vain to beat her top score…

What is your favourite/worst website?

Favourite is Tottenham Hotspur’s website - checking up on the latest gossip.

What did you last buy online?

Rented a holiday cottage in Cornwall for a break with my family

What’s top on your ipod?

At the moment it is Elvis Costello - Are you happy now?

What’s your TV choice?

A game show called Pointless. It’s a comedy quiz-based show presented by Armstrong from Armstrong and Millar.

Mark Clinton is a partner at Thomas Eggar