Encyclopaedias, John Lewis adverts and musical inventions

What is your preferred means of communication?
Ideally over a coffee in Milan but where possible face to face or by phone. Death by power point is being superseded by death by email as the world’s worst business torture.

What are your favourite social networking sites?
I love Facebook. The ability to chat and share things with friends I have in far flung places like Australia, Brazil, Sweden and Malaysia with no effort or cost is amazing.

Favourite digital gadget?
I have a fairly rare iPod that as well as looking after my music video clips and photos also incorporates a useful electric shaver. Indispensable. Well actually, it doesn’t have an electric shaver but I just know there is a market for the iShaver!

What is your favourite/worst website?
Without doubt Wikipedia. It’s proven to be more accurate than the encyclopaedia Britannica, giving an insight on any subject you could ever come up with.

What did you last buy online?
It was some software called Ableton live, which is a DAW, digital audio workstation which I want to use for remixing music - when I get to master it. Unfortunately my first attempt sounded like Ce Lo Green wading through a skip full of saucepans.

What’s your most-played iTune?
This would be made up love song#43 by the Guillemots. Most of you will know them from the John Lewis advert where they sang “She’s only a woman”.

What is your worst digital habit?
Trying to be a luddite.

What’s your TV choice?
Staples such as “Have I got news for you”, the oddities like “Psychoville” and I am a sucker for the likes of “Family Guy”.

Martin Boorman is national sales manager at Prysmian Cables