What’s your preferred means of communication?

Either the mobile phone, which on some days seems permanently pressed to my ear, or email.

Where shall we play?

It has to be the Wii, which is definitely the most inclusive and regularly sees up to three generations of my family playing together.

What’s your favourite site?

Various sites related to owning a smallholding. Over the past few weeks I have had to research information on building a pig ark (www.macneanfarm.com), chicken houses, fences and gates as well as sourcing parts for my vintage tractor (which is almost as old as me!) and find recipes for home brew from the hedge (www.selfsufficientish.com).

What are your latest book buys?

An extremely useful book from Amazon on DIY for Smallholders.

What’s your favourite iTune?

I do not own an iPod, but my children do. I use iTunes to source songs I can’t get any other way.