What’s on your iPod?

Too embarrassing to share, Glee Season 1 soundtrack and downloads from this year’s X Factor (insert embarrassed smiley). Katie Waissel’s I Wanna Be Like You (from The Jungle Book) is always music to my ears.

What’s your most-played iTune?
Beyoncé features a number of times in my top 25.

What’s your worst digital habit?
Sending instant BlackBerry messages while changing tracks and chatting on my iPhone and navigating through the train station.

What have you recently bought online?
Sony PS3 and a pair of shoes to match.

Favourite digital gadget?
Barcode reader at the B&Q checkout?!?

What digital games do you play?
Bejeweled 2 - it is up there among my favourite apps.

Do you take your BlackBerry on holiday?
Can’t breathe without it.

Mobola Ashiru is transaction adviser at Arup