What’s your favourite website?

www.ancestry.co.uk - a lifetime of family history research is no longer in note pads but on line.

What’s in your digital holster?
Aside from the phone - a BlackBerry - I always have my Panasonic Lumix with me, small, easy to use with a Leica lens - just in case.

Last online book buy?
History’s Worst Decisions and the People Who Made Them by Stephen Weir and History’s Worst Inventions [etc] by Eric Chaline.

What shall we play?
None, I prefer the outdoors - walking and, when I have to, gardening.

Favourite iTune?
I’m currently revisiting my eighties record collection.

The most recent iTune was The Clash’s London Calling. (But I must admit I still prefer to buy the CD)

Nick Cullen is a partner at Hoare Lea, responsible for research and development