What’s your favourite app?

Cyclemeter. It measures the distance and speeds of all my rides.

Do you take your iPhone on holiday?

Of course! Duh! I also take my Brompton folding bike and using the GPS system and maps is just a fantastic way to get around. You discover places, and you never, ever get lost.

What’s your most-played iTune?

I bought a CD recently called Music for an Historic City, but it was crap - songs like I’m Henery the Eighth sung in awful cod cockney.

What’s your favourite website?

LFA2010.org of course! We’re getting nearly a million hits a day and the festival hasn’t even started. So something’s working.

What’s your worst digital habit?

Forgetting about emails that drop into a big black imaginary hole under my desk and printing emails as the only way to remind myself that I need to respond.

Peter Murray is a founding director of the London Architecture Festival