Top picks from Watkins Gray Internationals business development director

What’s your favourite website?

Right now it’s Minimalist and elegant, yet it communicates so much.

What’s on your iPod?

Mostly alternative rock, classic rock and blues, some punk and metal, a tiny bit of rap and pop, episodes of 24. And, of course, The Star Spangled Banner!

What’s your favourite app? 

I currently have two favourites: the Formula 1 app, and Rightmove, so I can check what the houses in my neighbourhood are selling for.

Do you still watch TV?

Unfortunately I was an American child of the 70s and 80s, so I grew up on a healthy diet of MTV, crap sitcoms and sci-fi.

What’s your favourite digital gadget at home? 

I love the digital display on my Brita water jug. It tells me when it’s time to replace the filter (although I always seem to do it several weeks later!)

Richard Nelson is director of business development and marketing at Watkins Gray International