Emails, guitars and Alan Partridge

Preferred means of communication?

For tasks I prefer an email - makes things clear. But to exchange ideas, face-to-face is better and probably standing by a Gaggia espresso coffee machine slurping flat whites.

What are your favourite social networking sites?

Twitter - unlike on Facebook, interesting people don’t reject me!

What’s your TV choice?

Alan Partridge. In business we are all a stone’s throw away from being the sad character holed up in a hotel eating processed food and being friends with garage attendants.

What did you last buy online?

Ten plectrums - retro style so I can feel like Hank Marvin at my beginner guitar lessons.

What shall we play?

Yamaha F310 acoustic. I really enjoy it but boy do I need practice.

Favourite digital gadget?

iPhone - but I’m going to force a break to see if I’ve missed anything before getting a 4 or 5.

Simon Hopkins is FP product manager at Prysmian Cables and Systems