What’s your favourite website?

I spent a lot of time on rightmove.co.uk recently. I will be moving house shortly.

How do you stay in the loop?

I don't think you can beat talking directly to people. I can't see the attraction of Facebook, MySpace or Twitter and more importantly don't have the time for them. A little old-fashioned maybe, but I think society could do with a few more old-fashioned principles these days.

What TV programmes or films do you download?

I like science fiction and futuristic movies. The more monsters, the better. Favourites are the Jurassic Parks, and Lord of the Rings films.

What’s your favourite iTune?

In my younger days, I was into heavy metal like Iron Maiden and rock bands like Guns N’ Roses and Bon Jovi. I still listen to their albums in the car now. But my favourites are Queen.