The fashion guru, housing designer and all-round renaissance man loves to use the internet to buy northern soul and pick up artefacts for his museum, but reckons you still can’t beat a bit of fresh air

What’s your favourite bookmark?

It would have to be Sustrans, a civil engineering charity of which I’m a patron, that designs and builds routes for cyclists, walkers and people with disabilities. It’s doing a fantastic job in promoting sustainable transport and now it has won the People’s 50 Million lottery grant, it’s on a roll. Clearly its values are fully supported by the public – the public aren’t daft.

What do you buy online?

I collect lots of stuff for a museum that I part own, the Land of Lost Content, the world’s major physical and online museum of British cultural artefacts. And I collect old soul, northern soul, and seventies and eighties dance music. I buy stuff every day.

The last book I bought online was Private Residential Complexes by Sergi Costa, for research into all the affordable housing that I’m involved in – I just ordered it five minutes ago from Amazon.

Social networking: Facebook or face to face?

I’m a garden or park man – best place for families.

What’s in your digital holster?

Nokia e61i, a Vodaphone data card, a Canon Ixus and a Sony Vaio.

What have you downloaded recently?

This is England – great British low-budget cinema (pictured). I watched it with my older kids.

As for music, I download anything by LeRoy Hutson or Gil Scott Heron. My all-time favourite uplifting song is I Love Music by the 0’Jays.

Twitter, blog or scented letter?

I’m a blogger – see “Wayne’s mouthings” at formy thoughts on everything from prison-like new housing to spam.

And games: Grand Theft Auto or great outdoors?

Proper sport! None of that virtual rubbish. Fresh air, teams, running about … can’t beat it.