The BBC’s website, Radio 4…and feather boas

1. What is your favourite website?
The BBC’s website as it is covers such a wide range of topics. I can catch up on news, sports and entertainment.

2. What is your worst digital habit?
It has to be hiding from my wife whilst I’m emailing on holiday.

3. Blackberry or i-phone?
Blackberry because they are provided by the company but my personal preference is an i-phone. I-phones work seamlessly and are also more app friendly.

4. What did you last buy online?
A feather boa. There is an interesting story attached to that but maybe we will park that one there!

5. Are you into social networking?
I am on Facebook but I would say I was more an observer than a networker.

6. Are you on Twitter?
Not yet but it is on my long list of great intentions.

7. What is your favourite app?
Angry Birds. My son and I play together though I have yet to master Level 2.

8. Preferred means of communication?
Face to face - every time.

9. PC or Mac?
PC - I just find a PC more user-friendly and versatile.

10. Guilty pleasures? Most played tunes from Itunes/Spotify?
I am more a podcast addict - Radio 4’s Friday Night Comedy podcast is my weekly indulgence.

Andrew Jones is managing director of planning design and development, Europe, AECOM