Question: How many guitars does one design director need?

Prefered means of communication?

I like to hear someone’s mood so my iPhone serves me best.

Are you into social networking?

The closest encounter was Friends Reunited…that puts me in the really old category….we do have a company Twitter account though.

Favourite digital gadget?

Without question my iPad

iPhone, Blackberry or Android?

iPhone…its Apple all the way.

What are you watching at the moment?

Ebay…more great guitars for sale….can I buy another?

Favourite website?

HSBC internet banking…if I must.

What was the last thing you bought online?

New case for my 11 MacAir…the best laptop ever.

What’s top on your iPod?

Alphabetically Amy McDonald…well it is A…most played Joe Bonamassa.

What’s your worst digital habit?

Playing Angry Birds on my I Pad in the evening…it drives my wife mad.

Chris Gilmour is BAM’s director of design and marketing.