Little blue pills sneaking into his spam inbox, the death of the phone and speaker systems are on this man’s mind

What is your preferred means of communication?

Email (bizarre how rarely you hear the phone go in the office so I cannot be alone in this!)

Are you into social networking?

Facebook (for friends) and LinkedIn (for work) (LinkedIn – for those that know they are about to lose their job, as that guy at BCO said)

Favourite digital gadget?

My new Sonos wireless HIFI system in every room, even the smallest!

Blackberry, android or iphone?

Blackberry for work and iPhone for personal

Favourite app?

AroundMe - don’t have to pre-plan going anywhere now

What is your favourite/worst website?

My favourite is Spotify (linked to Sonos system). Worst is Trainline – I never seem to get best price tickets!

What did you last buy online?

Very dull but a new porch security light

Mac or PC?


What’s your TV choice?

Modern Family

What is your worst digital habit?

Not sure if it’s MY worst habit but I seem to be on a ’sucker list’ for Viagra spam emails. I get at least 4 emails a day offering me it (I don’t need it, just in case you were wondering!)

David Mann is a partner at Tuffin Ferraby Taylor