Diba wants to avoid emails, Dom Joly moments and electro funck music

What is your preferred means of communication? 

Number 1 is still - Face to face talking, 2. Telephone (Skype or Viber), 3. Email and 4. Texting…anything to reduce the shear volume of emails I receive every day.

Are you into social networking?

After succumbing to pressure I finally set up a basic Linkedin profile - it needs a bit of work. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, I don’t have the time…plus I think it’s a bit weird.

Favourite digital gadget?

My Samsung Galaxy Tab, only because my life depends on it. It’s really good as you can make phone calls from it too, but remember to use a hands free or one ends up having a Dom Jolly moment shouting into the a very large looking phone!

Blackberry, Android or iPhone?

I currently use a HTC Android phone, which is very good but like all phones is very ugly. I am waiting for iPhone 5 - no doubt it will be beautiful.

Favourite app?

It depends on the time of day - morning, London Tube, to assure myself my train will be late as usual, during the day anything from AutoCad WS to Gunners, but perhaps Sky News app for iPad is the best.

What is your favourite/worst website?

I like anything which gives information fast and easily navigated - Dezeen, IHS or architecture.com. Worst is tricky, those which are poorly navigated irritate me.

What did you last buy online?

Smythson pocket memo refill - though I use digital notepads you can’t beat paper and pencil (only Pental P209).

What’s top on your iPod?

Just checked - Mozart, Pink Floyd and a Jazz mix…I wasn’t expecting that. (Thankfully it wasn’t those weird ‘electro funk’ tracks I can’t stop listening to at the moment).

What’s your TV choice? 

Top Gear is a regular for me despite finding JC quite vile.

What is your worst digital habit?

I have a few, flicking through channels, I manage over 600 in under 60 seconds-I sound like JC.

Diba Salam is an associate at Aukett Fitzroy Robinson