Whether he’s relaxing on holiday or trawling the news sites this MD’s always up for a bit of Vulcan mind transfer

1. What is your preferred means of communication? The spoken word or Vulcan mind transfer.

2. Are you into social networking? Yes, but not using a software package

3. Favourite digital gadget? Phone

4. Blackberry or iphone? Anything but a Blackberry (had one, no fun)

5. Favourite app? Google Maps

6. What is your favourite/worst website? www.bbc.co.uk (Favourite)

7. What did you last buy online? A holiday

8. What’s top on your ipod? Cold Play - Every tear’s a waterfall

9. What’s your TV choice? Luther, University Challenge, Question of Sport, Top Gear, The Killing

10. What is your worst digital habit? Reading emails on holiday in the pool.

Paul Baron is managing director of Gang-Nail