Doesn’t it annoy you when people have their phone constantly on silent?

What is your preferred means of communication?
I prefer email which is quick and allows me to deal with correspondence in my own time and keep a record. I am also a great fan of video conferencing both at work and to keep in touch with my kids via Skype. I usually keep my phone on silent.

Are you into social networking?
No. I am confused by the plethora of different channels but more importantly I am desperately trying to keep some part of my day free for idleness: for reflection and speculation. I don’t want to fill up every interstice with communication - perhaps I should be a hermit?

Favourite digital gadget?
iPhone. I have not found my iPad much better and the phone goes in my pocket and is available at anytime and in any place. I rarely take my laptop to meetings anymore.

Blackberry, android or iphone?

iPhone for the simple delight of using it.

Mac or PC?
Mac - far better designed - but then I confuse the issue by using it more with Windows 7 than MacOs because I use a lot of technical software only available for PC and I think that Windows 7 now rivals MacOs for ease of use.

Favourite app?
Mainly trivial ones that make my life simpler - for example London Journey Planner combined with Cycle Hire Live so that I can pick up a bike and catch my train home each and every time. I am also in love with Kindle - having a library in my pocket is more important than a record collection. And I find reading in public less anti-social than listening.

What is your favourite/worst website? is the best (especially but I am prejudiced). Sky TV is by far the worst - it is slow and complex but won’t actually provide simple information such as “what channels do you get”

What did you last buy online?
All sorts of things - wine, bicycle, chainsaw…

What’s top on your iPod?
The Clash.

What’s your TV choice?
I am very eclectic - from News to historical documentaries, british drama, films, grand prix (booh hiss for it leaving BBC next year) and gardeners world.

What is your worst digital habit?
Leaving my phone on silent - exceptionally selfish.

Tristram Carfrae is Arup’s UKMEA Buildings Practice Leader