This associate partner’s digital life is punctuated with emoticons :P

Favourite website: and

Worst digital habit? Letting my Inbox grow and grow and grow … (and playing World of Warcraft, oh the shame!)

iPhone/Blackberry/Android. Which side are you on? I’ve got a Blackberry for work, but would prefer a Samsung Galaxy because it has a compass (it’s the little things)!

Are you into social networking? Facebook, yes, but I’m relatively low-key on the rest.

Are you on Twitter? I’m not on twitter, and don’t really see the point of those random tweets.

Favourite app? BB Messenger (happy face)

What is your preferred means of communication? Email

What did you last buy online? Tickets to a concert

PC or Mac? I would love a Mac, because it’s just cool, but can’t afford one (sad face)

Most played tunes from iTunes/Spotify? The best thing about spotify is listening to different recordings of classical music for free to find out what you like. Beethoven’s 5th piano concerto is currently my favourite.

Carmen Erwee is associate partner at John Rowan & Partners