Steve Harris

We use eBay for selling photovoltaics, solar panels and inverters. We find where the price naturally settles on eBay and that’s the price we ask from people who prebuy the goods before we import them from China.

This gives real-time wind speeds and records for pilots and kite-surfers. It’s useful for planning wind turbines.

This is the website of an Oregon-based DIY magazine. It gives extremely practical no-nonsense information about renewable energy generation, particularly photovoltaics. It’s miles ahead of anything in the UK.

This website about sustainable Welsh woodlands is funded by the Welsh assembly. It’s useful for comparing prices of wood chips and pellets with other renewable energy sources.

I’m a bit of a Saab anorak. I’ve got a 1970s Saab 96, which I built from the ground. I did contemplate converting it to electric batteries, but I didn’t get that far.