I can understand why you elicit pictures from the readership on safety blunders. The humour makes light reading. Sadly these real-life events often go unreported - at great cost to workers and their families.

So, from a serious point of view, can I ask why you don't ask readers to send the builders' particulars with their photographs (that is, names, site addresses, or other identifying details)?

Given such information, you can:

  • Name and shame these cowboys (main contractors please take note!)
  • Send all of the readers' emails to the Health and Safety Executive (inviting follow-up)
  • In extreme cases, forward these "amusing" details to the regional newspaper covering the locality in question.
Given this information, your readership would think twice about employing such firms and some readers would perhaps become more careful, not wishing their precious company name to appear on your award-winning pages.

Additionally, Building could publish the HSE hotline number (0845-345 0055). This should appear as part of the article.

Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't we all be doing what we can to improve health and safety in the industry and combat cowboy builders?

On this basis, I therefore award you with a "could do better" rating for your half-hearted effort.

S Crampton, Liverpool