To the timber industry, the names of timber, wood, hardwood and softwood are fundamental.

To the construction and furniture industries, names are also important. And now to architects and designers, who are finding wood increasingly fashionable, names are becoming more and more relevant. But to the construction press, the names of wood species and details of source often seem to be neglected.

The pages of the professional press regularly feature articles and photographs of projects with fine timber installations, but without naming the wood. Readers therefore remain unaware of the three “Ps” – provenance, performance and price. When the name is given, the “Ps” can be quickly referenced, enabling suppliers to give price guidance for costing.

Without the name of the wood, it remains simply a generic material without adequate appreciation of its specific and very individual qualities – and journals such as Building may be at risk of leaving their readers in the dark.

Michael Buckley, World Hardwoods, London