I was surprised to read Steve Rudd’s letter (12 January) complaining about the use of the NEC suite of contracts for Olympic works.

The implementation of the compensation events that he refers to deals only with the financial and programme effects of the agreement. In that respect, the NEC is unique in the way that it imposes good project management practice by forcing participants to address these issues while they are live,rather than after the work is finished.

That is one of the reasons why it appeals to so many clients such as the Olympic Delivery Authority, which is looking for better control of time and money.

Implementation of a compensation event has nothing to do with carrying out the work involved. So Mr Rudd is wrong when he suggests the work may not be undertaken until the completion of an adjudication or the implementation of the compensation event. The contract makes it clear that although the effects of the compensation event are being agreed, the contractor must get on with the work, including putting into effect any changes.

To suggest otherwise shows a worrying lack of understanding of this important and innovative contract.

Peter Cousins