April and October are always interesting in terms of new Regulations in the health and safety world. This April is no different, with some key issues, affecting employers, employees and anyone with responsibility for health and safety. For a complete guide to the changes, who they affect and how to best implement them; download your copy of the Health and Safety Round Up 2010. The changes include: 

‘Fit’ for Work ? 

The main changes for this Spring include the Social Security (Medical Evidence) and Statutory Sick Pay (Medical Evidence) Amendment Regulations 2010 (yes it’s a bit of a mouthful), which will change the way doctors and employers help employees who suffer health conditions, in returning to work. 

This will see GPs issuing ‘fit’ notes as opposed to sick notes and in some cases phased stages for the return to work of employees suffering a medical condition. 

Notification to the HSE - Tower Cranes

The new Notification of Conventional Tower Cranes Regulations 2010 will require notification for those conventional tower cranes that are assembled on site from components to be notified to the HSE following installation or re-installation. Notification should take place within 14 calendar days, and the duty to ensure notification is with the employer on site who has primary responsibility for the crane.

 HSE guidance (INDG437) has now been issued.

 More info on the Tower Cranes Regulations is available with the Round Up.

 Protection of Workers from Exposure to Artificial light

The EC Artificial Optical Radiation Directive was adopted in 2006 and must be implemented by April 2010. It proposes aims to ensure worker safety in the workplace from artificial optical radiation including lasers and UV light. The additional aim is for harmonisation of control across European Member States. This will have implications for both businesses and employees and further information is available here.

 And Now for the Science bit …

The Biocidal Products (Amendment) Regulations 2010 relate to the implementation of a European Directive that extends by 4 years the transitional period during which ‘existing’ active substances used in biocidal products will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in Annex I of the Biocidal Products Directive 98/8/EC (Biocides Directive), and extends data protection by the same period for information submitted under the Biocides Directive.

 Other Points of Interest

 Other Regulations that are changing include:

 Docks (Amendment) Regulations 2010 more ...

European Regulation on the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures (CLP Regulation) more ...

How will the new Regulations affect you and your business ?

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