The industry has never had a single effective voice - and never will

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Source: Ell Brown

The industry has always needed an effective voice (Call for ‘single voice’ prompts multiple plans, 2 November) - sadly it’s never had one and it never will.

The component parts are disparate and different with competing agendas and needs that cannot be reconciled and corralled into one harmony.

All the usual suspects and so called “industry leaders” will blow off about what is needed and how we need to work together, blah, blah, blah, etc. In reality every one knows that those “leaders” are only interested in and understanding of their own narrow field and couldn’t give a fig about their subcontractors, competitors or smaller regional brethren.

I would suggest that even if the industry could come together with one voice, by the time that could be manipulated to do so the audience would have moved on to a new stage (just ask Michael Heseltine).

Alistair McHarg, via