Ode to Gaia

On offer:
(Sale or rent)
Boggered biosphere:
Assets spent.

Our home planet
Could surely not go wrong?
That fossil fuel bonfire
Didn’t last very long.

Leave the lights on,
Up the heat.
Upping the air-con
Seemed so neat.

Drive a car …
Take the bus?
Tough decision?
Silly us!

Air with carbon fogged.
And many forests logged
Make Gaia’s lungs clogged.
All fouled up, FUBAR, dirty dogged.

Topsoil eroded
Land full, filled.
Oceans poisoned
Species killed.

Homo sapiens sapiens
Wise, wise man!
Plenty saw it coming
Since the party first began.

Some raised a finger
Some raised an angry pen.
Many voted Dubbya
But that was then.

Living breathing Mother Earth,
A-plenty for all to share?
That previous owner? …
They’re no longer there.

Dave Hampton, director ABS consulting, via email