Comparing the features of present day buildings with those of 45 years ago isn’t fair

I found Patricia Moore’s “Wonders & Blunders” article published in the 30 March edition (page 24) not only biased as she admitted but also disingenuous in comparing the recently opened western concourse at King’s Cross station, part of a £500m scheme to transform that transport hub, with the mid sixties-built Euston station. It had to be comprehensively reconstructed to provide adequate platform capacity and passenger circulation space for the electrified lines serving Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester introduced in April 1966. Few sixties-built structures have aged gracefully in terms of their architectural merit and/or forms of construction, but whatever its failings Euston station still ably fulfils its original remit, notwithstanding today’s more intensive train service and much increased passenger throughput. Comparing present day features with those of 45 years ago will always produce marked differences.

Peter Adds MRICS