I am a second-year occupational therapy student at Coventry University. I am interested in receiving information regarding door access for some coursework

The problem we have to solve is for a gentleman who is paralysed, with no movement in his legs and very little in his arms, but no cognitive impairments. He shares a bungalow with his parents and wishes to be able to answer the door independently. However, he can’t generally reach the door in time when someone calls and finds it difficult to open it himself even when he does get there. This is a particular problem when he’s in bed.

He’d like to be able to communicate with and see whoever is at the door from wherever he is in the bungalow and open the door for them. He doesn’t want anything will have any negative impact on his parents’ life or get in the way. We are looking at mobile intercom systems and automatic door releases as well as possibly key lockups.

My address is: 38 Bond Street, Stirchley, Birmingham B30 2LA.

I would really appreciate any information that would help with this piece of work.

Jane Coy