I know a lot will be written about Ray O'Rourke's comments on women and rightly so.

Unfortunately, his views are similar to those of far too many men in our industry. How often have I heard the water cooler chatter about how the topping-out party ended at Stringfellows or how the girl in the office is good-looking with good legs - oh, and she is quite bright, too!?

But what struck me most about his comments was the issue of migrant workers. How can a man who himself is a migrant worker from what has been seen as a "cheap region" and often supplies "poorly qualified" workers suggest that these sources are not the answer?

These migrant workers in fact often have qualifications and experience far better than many of the British chancers seen on building sites. The problem is that their qualifications are not recognised over here and because they have poor English they are treated worse and paid less than their English counterparts.

Does Ray realise he may have some migrant workers and even some women working on his sites if he wins the Olympic bid with Mace? God forbid he should end up with any female migrant workers. That might just finish him off!

"Wendy", address not supplied