Recovery? You wish. (“City warns hung parliament will delay construction recovery,” 7 May,

We spent the past 13 years throwing up hospitals, schools, universities and prisons and flagship public buildings at a ridiculous rate. It had to come to an end, output will never recover to where it was before so we should get used to a brave new world of a smaller industry.

The only true opportunities that every man and his dog are moving into are housing and energy, the markets that never suffered a boom. As for the rest of the industry, plan for double dip, simply because of overcapacity in the construction industry. Watch out for a few leading contractors and consultants falling from grace. It won’t be pretty, but it is going to happen.

We have become too efficient, we build faster, with less labour. This is the message I picked up from the economists at two of the leading UK developers.

We are too insular. The paradigm shift will happen and we can’t see it coming, given hope is our only friend at present.

Sgt Patrick Harper, via