I was surprised to read Michael Brown’s letter about the QS shortage. He is factually incorrect and trapped in a bygone age.

First, contrary to Mr Brown’s letter there are QSs all over the world. The Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors (Japan), the Comité Européen des Economistes de la Construction (Europe), the Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering (USA) and the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors may have something to add on this.

Also, in the UK, QSs have a leading role in shaping the future of our industry. Contractor and consultant QSs consistently respond to the need for change to suit the market.

Development management, whole-life costing, project monitoring and partnering advice are some new services QSs offer clients. This ability to listen to clients and respond with innovative services is the one of the reasons QSs are in demand in the UK and internationally. We in the RICS are justifiably proud of our achievements.

So, come on Mr Brown, why not join us in the celebration of this success story?

Michael Byng, chairman of RICS quantity surveying and construction faculty