Further to the debate on the future of quantity surveying, perhaps if the role of the QS were taken more seriously, the Olympics – not to mention the Scottish parliament and Wembley stadium – would have been properly budgeted in the first place. The Scottish parliament ended up costing 10 times more than the original budget. On that basis, the London Games will cost £23bn.

There are too many people from the government who don’t know what they are doing meddling in the Olympics. How could they forget to include tax in the budget? We also learned that the Olympic stadium design does not have a roof. Knowing how reliable the British weather is, the events will be spectated by a sea of umbrellas.

If a good team of QSs are in place on the Olympic, there may still be hope. If they are not, a blank cheque should be written today.

Paul Hannaford, Taunton