I was saddened to read your article concerning the fatality at the Bouygues UK site in Chelmsford (14 November, page 15), and would like to express sympathy from the GMB to friends and family of the victim.

In reading your report, however, I see that comment has been made as to the nature and possible cause of the tragedy.

It seems unfortunate to arrive at premature conclusions, and in our experience, it always makes sense to wait for the report of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) before forming any firm judgment as to cause. This is the HSE’s responsibility and we should, in my view, let it do its job. The GMB has concluded a comprehensive agreement with the company, which is anchored by the joint desire to further improve Bouygues UK’s exemplary health and safety record.

I would like to make it clear that in my view Bouygues UK give absolute priority to health and safety and are fully open to trade union representation, a view that is substantiated by the fact that we are in talks with the company to build upon the foundation of the existing agreement.

Allan Black, national officer, manufacturing section, GMB National Office