Greg Morris kicks over a sandcastle sculpting website …

So you’ve been inspired by Building’s sandcastle competition (page 34) to don your finest windcheater and head for the beach. But how do you decide which tools suit your particular sculpting technique? And is there a sandcastle instructor in the locality? With answers to these questions and so much more, here’s …

Webmaster’s verdict

This site is very retro, and has a few lessons for any smaller enterprise looking to set up a website. There's a lack of consistency in colour, navigation and layout, and in most cases the default font has been applied. The designer has slapped its name all over (you'’ve paid for a marketing tool, not a business card for your designer). Considering the theme is a visual one, the site’s graphics are pretty lacklustre. This is basically everything you want to avoid when building a website (if not a sandcastle …)

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