While there are inevitable criticisms that can be levelled at Labour’s record, we recognise that architecture has generally done well under Labour

There has been a sea change in public sector commitment to design quality. Instead of lowest price being the only thing that mattered under the Conservatives, now quality is also considered. Most of all, look at the huge investment programmes in the public sector – the largest of which are the massive Building Schools for the Future (BSF) initiative and Primary Capital Programme.

The entire BSF programme is now seriously at risk. The Conservatives have made it clear that they do not consider it a priority. Not surprising for a party that has never seen public sector investment as a priority – remember that prior to 1997, schools used to complain about a lack of basic resources such as books!

The danger now is that if this funding is withdrawn, not only will whole swaths of the country’s schools lose the opportunity to be transformed, but the building industry is likely to plunge rapidly into recession again.

Look at your current and future workload how many projects are education projects not yet financially committed into contract? How much of your workload is at risk?

Jonathan Hines and Bob Hayes, directors, Architype