Publication of the European standard for external rendering, coming at a time when new Building Regulations are being issued thick and fast, may get overlooked by some.

But architects, specifiers and contractors would do well to take note. The 63 pages of Eurospeak, from a committee that took five years to approve its own original draft, makes it plain that the client now has a potential claim if BS EN 13914-1:2005 is not met.

Much more vigilance over the selection of beading used for external rendering is now required. The standard is aimed at the scourge of corrosion and stipulates only two options to choose from – stainless steel or PVCu beading.

The UK has been slow to adapt to the reality that corrosion can and should be prevented, but this will have to change as contractors will be obliged to ensure that rendering conforms to the standard.

Kevin Leedham-Green, managing director, Renderplas