It has been interesting to read the responses made by colleagues in the construction industry to Ray O'Rourke's perspective on women and migrant workers.

It has struck me, however, that although there has been some muttering in private, no major contractor or senior male figure has come out and said anything in public - perhaps they are reticent at criticising a fellow contractor or fearful of shifting the spotlight. Perhaps instead of Jennie Price (9 June, page 34), the most effective rebuttal could be asked of our noted contractor chief executives and owners. After all, they regularly grace these pages with their valued opinions.

If the industry has too few women now, after all the dedicated initiatives (and, as O'Rourke pointed out, money), whose responsibility is it to correct the situation? Is it the educators, charities, government quangos, trade bodies, institutions - or the women themselves? Might I suggest the employers have the greatest bearing on this? How often do we hear that, once a worker is trained they struggle to get site experience? Or that once experienced, promotions to management positions are scarce?

Heather Northey, N:management