Here we sit, a proud nation, and already the doom and gloom merchants of this country are sowing the seeds of doubts over our ability to deliver on the promises of our successful Olympic bid.

The prestige attached to hosting this event, together with the building flair this country has to offer, needs to be glorified, not ridiculed before the show has begun.

Yes, a project of this magnitude and complexity will have its complications, and at a price, but for once let's believe in our abilities and show the world we are number one in both construction and project management.

If we believe we will fail, then we will. Let's "big it up" and sing our praises. As the Olympic Delivery Authority spokesperson says in your article on 31 March (page 9): "It is far too early to start saying were going to ‘de-spec'", so let's stay positive!

Terry Bird, head of asset management, Gallions Housing Association