I applaud the RICS’ intention to “take a more active role in policing its members” but I note a degree of hypocrisy in this course of action.

Several years ago, the RICS, along with most other professional bodies, introduced compulsory continuing professional development.

Many of us at that time thought that such continuation was already endemic and the branches provided a substantial part by way of professional meetings. As part of its Agenda for Change, the RICS deliberately expunged the branch structure and, with it, the provision of professional meetings. A glance at the various publications from faculties and regions shows that the provision of professional meetings is minimal and, in some areas, for QSs, non-existent.

If the RICS is serious about policing the competence of its members, the least it can do is to ensure that a full programme of CPD, based on the old branches, is in place.

Peter Horne