Mark Whitby's idea for a storyline in The Archers (2 April, page 10) is not the first from a design professional.
Three years ago when the debate about building executive homes in Ambridge was raging, I wrote to the programme makers to suggest that they introduced a "community planning" theme to demonstrate how local people can work with the private sector and councils to create mixed tenure, sustainable development. They were quite keen on the idea, but then along came foot and mouth! We are still hoping they might return to the topic.
David Chisholm, managing director, John Thompson & Partners, via email

… an over-fuelled imagination
It may spice up The Archers storyline, but I understand that to supply all Britain's motorists with fuel from this growing plant source would take much more than our total land area – leaving nothing over for anything else. So it is unlikely that it can contribute more than a token proportion of the fuel used.
J Gray, via email