In his interview, Nick Brooke, the RICS president gave no new information about the need to increase subscriptions (15 August, page 28).
There is no mention of how the proposed increased in income is to be spent, there is no published budget analysis and nothing was said about which services need to be improved. We are being directed to pay one-third extra each year and RICS will decide what to do with the money on a "we-know-best" basis. The proposed percentage increase is the largest I remember in more than 50 years and it is being pushed through with inadequate numbers of members approving it.

If the article was intended to tell members the rationale for the increases, it didn't. I suggest he doesn't waste our money on tramping round the country to try to alter members' opinions unless there is practical information to be disclosed.

Jeremy Hackett (15 August, page 33) asked for at least 860 more signatories to his motion opposing the increases. Less than 10% of members approved the extraordinary general meeting proposal and now is the time for the other 90% to have their say.