Again we have a member of the legal profession offering biased views on a political debate to make his life easier.

Your column: “Causing death and saving lives” (10 November, page 57), appears to contradict the consensus on the new corporate manslaughter bill. Your columnist is entitled to his view, but I bet it would change if he had a month in our company.

Construction is dangerous, but I remember statistics showing UK records on health and safety as one of the best in Europe. In my 50 years in the industry, I have seen activities on site improve beyond recognition and this isn’t acknowledged.

It seems necessary, for media, legal and political satisfaction, for a head to roll for every accident – and incarceration in cases of death. It is strange that these professionals spend their lives ordering others around, when their experience of manual labour consists of opening the office door each morning. What is wrong in delegating health and safety responsibility downwards?

In our company we make no bones about the fact that compliance with health and safety is driven by fear. In 1995, the Construction (Design and Management) regulations caused me to say: “Comply, or lock the door.” Our record has improved, but I know we’re not perfect and never can be.

In conclusion, I suggest your columnist carries out his own personal risk assessment as his photograph on page 27 indicates a lifestyle likely to cause early explosion.

Up North we have no time for parties.

PT Beighton, Beighton Construction