Specification duties are not the sole preserve of the architect. Manufacturers, contractors and installers all contribute to the choices that can make or break a building. In this flooring and roofing bumper issue, we look at the key links in the supply chain in an aeronautical extension to RAF Hendon and a slinky new footbridge in Coventry. This month we also launch of our new guide to manufacturers, Who Makes What? It covers more than 150 top flooring suppliers, and you can find more about them and their products at www.building.co.uk/specifer. Simply click on the company name and you will be whisked away to the firm’s profile in Barbour Index’s comprehensive Building Product Expert. And there’s plenty more information in our Rules, Costs and Checklist sections, including the latest on Part M and the arguments surrounding the specification of vapour permeable membranes. Hot stuff indeed.